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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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you see a lot of interesting things on the job. but i'll never forget the day we tried rescuing a man... ...who was rescuing a kite. we tried everything. then jack came to the rescue. with a chipotle chicken club combo for $4.99. that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo. 0 it is a sight rarely seen. new york time square grinds a halt amid a massive storm of snow. it has paralyzed the east coast and left 18 people dead. it will continue through
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tomorrow. >> the blizzard is bearing down on much of the east coast. it's spanning from georgia to cape cod massachusetts. it's crippling cities including baltimore, philadelphia and new york. >> the storm is the third largest in no -- new york city's history. the bad weather left 500 vehicles stuck in pittsburgh for 24 hours. the cars have slowly started moving. the national guard is digging the vehicles out. and of -- the governor of maryland ordered a state of emergency today. >> more on the storm's effect. >> reporter: the blizzard is living up to its hype here in washington. but new york city was caught off guard where snow totals are triple what forecasters predicted. a travel ban is in effect for
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new york city. the mayor warned of a potential 20, 25 or even 30 inches of snow. >> until we finally see the snow end and just how much it's dumped on us, then we'll be able to estimate how long it will take to clear out. >> reporter: between the ban on public transportation, many theaters were forced to close. >> i had a front row ticket. i was so excited to see al pacino. got myself here and it was closed. >> in new jersey power outages by the thousands were reported. plows could not keep up with the snowfall. in washington d.c. even this fire truck got stuck and needed to be rescued. >> there are two -- too many people on the street both driving and walking. we need you to stay home. >> at the times the snow fell at
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a rate of two inches an hour. can -- it claimed the lives of a dozen people. the travel ban has effectively shut down airports in both pennsylvania and new york. >> more than 6,000 flights have been delayed and 3,000 canceled nationwide. stranded travelers are trying to find places to say >> i was directed to dallas. then they changed it to send me to philadelphia and then miami and then we're on the way to orlando. >> it was no different for travelers at sfo today. a manager tells us 75 flights were canceled. >> 150 flights were canceled yesterday. the wet weather system here call -- caused a few of those
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delays. we're tracking the conditions there. >> reporter: we will have improving conditions as early as sunday. there are signs of the system moving out to the coastal waters. this is the biggest area and headline the past couple of days. the snow totals are adding up. 39 inches in virginia. an all time record set at the baltimore washington airport. went nine -- 29 inches. central park had the third highest on record. they go back to 1869. on the satellite here's a bigger picture showing you all of the storm reports. look at all these. quick tally: the reports focused on this part of the country. nearly 4,000 reports of wide-spread. the snowfall reports, wind
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sports and blizzard as well. the latest on the satellite and radar. the snow showers show the coverage is decreased quite a bit. that will continue as we head into the saturday forecast. snow showers are heading out to the east just off-shore. you can track the storm on your iphone or phone out there with the ktvu weather app. you can track the storm. we have the radar showing the path of the future and hour-by-hour forecast. the weather pattern as well. we have rain showers for today. the bulk of the showers have been moving out to the north and east. take a look at some of the rainfall totals. the bulk of this moving in last night and into this morning. morgan hill point nine one. shower activity moving out the -- of town and leaving us
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with partly cloudy skies with most of the region. more on the forecast and what we know is significant rain makes a cam -- come back to the area. we have a drone video to show you from pacifica as parts of a cliff crumbles. several homes are teetering on the edge. there's no end in sight to the damage of the coast line there. people are shoring up the land where homes are in potential danger. we talked to people there about their uncertain future. >> reporter: watch as crashing waves sweep away chunks of the surf line saturday. >> two homes were left jutting over the edge. they were deemed unsafe to live in.
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>> the deck that's hanging there. >> businesses are slowly watching their parking lots disappear. >> it's pretty scary. that's where we keep our trac -- truck. >> it falls off a few inches at at the time. maybe more. >> crews are working answer -- against time. some homeowners have hired them to shore up the land. the city declared a local state of emergency they need state and federal aid to deal with the growing list of failed infrastructure. they are also keeping eyes on this -- properties like this. >> there's a different notice from the city on the door every time i come home from work. it says you'll probably have to move with no notice or warning. you'll have to find a place to live >> i feel for -- sorry for the people who have been moved out. i'm about to become one of them who has to flings and no means
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to do anything. >> he knows there's no quick fix to the coast. >> it's sad. we love our little town. developing news out of fairfield where police are investigating a shooting at the center mall. witnesses say there's a heavy police presence at the mall. several people have been seen in hand coughs. -- handcuffs. new developments now on the efforts to fix the leaks on the earn span on the bay bridge. water ganley leaking on the steel support structures. a simple solution has been foupd. industrial grade caulk. it seals the cracks between the
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asphalt road surface and the guardrails. the solution cam -- comes after cal trans spent more than $1 million to plug the leaks. we'll know tomorrow which two teams will get to the super bowl. street closures in effect now for construction of super bowl city. we're life -- live now. >> reporter: it's all because of the traffic closure that's began earlier today. we're on the embarcadero. traffic was running smoothly. fe if you go across the street, that's where the rode closure -- road closure sign is. super bowl city is under construction. so streets will be restricted here. slow moving traffic leads to this. you can expect to hear a lot of that as streets close in and around the financial district.
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>> this is its -- the day we've been talking about. >> it's about time we got enough events. let's go. it's going to be fun. >> i'm excited for it. they have got a great thing going here right here in embark dark -- embarcadero. >> it will be great for the city unless they are trying to drive in the area. from now until the second week in february expect to see detour signs. traffic enforcement can help drivers navigate the area. this shows what is closed. several streets between market and embarcadero. closures already have caused many headache and backup for commuters. >> it's -- it doesn't matter. there's always traffic. >> people are always crying. stop crying. so what.
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a little traffic. big deal. >> i've been in traffic two hours now. i left work at 3:00. >> others say the chance to hold the super bowl make it all worth it. crews have built stages and structures along the embarcadero which has become very pedestrian friendly. people can get the full fan experience. >> it's not a place to drive or use your car. leave it at home and use public transportation to get to super bowl city. >> reporter: muni, bart and the ferry system will add additional vehicles to get to the area. the trolly is running either side. it goes all the way through and even past washington street. it opens up next saturday at 11:00 a.m. >> thank you. take public transit. avoid the area all -- altogether. discussions about the raiders immediate future are set
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for monday as the team considers renewing its lease at the coliseum. add -- oh fishes will meet with team management. the team has no lease for a place to play next season. they were blocked from moving to loss angel. team owner has not been committed to keeping in the bay area. life, life. >> market street was shut down for a few hours today for the 12th annual walk for life. thousands of people raililled -- rallied at pacific strar -- center plaza. >> life is important. i want it protect all life. that's why i'm here.
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>> some of the demonstrators were from the bay area. some traveled from the central valley or from out of state. a much summarily but loud counter demonstration shouted. >> women have the right to control their repropose deduction or we're nothing but cattle. >> demonstrations were peaceful. yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of re -- roe versus wade. >> amber lee channel two. >> since the first time since his arrest and conviction raymond chow tells amber lee, he's never lot of a battle on the street. >> i rob people from the little
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customer i become the big -- >> but he just lost a huge fight in the courtroom. he said he has a chance to tell his side of the story. he said he wasn't able to tell it during the trial. why he thinks the jury found him guilt of all the counts of murder and racketering. >> i'm honest. tells everything exactly the way it is. no bull. no rye lies. just -- no lies. just tell them the way it is. >> tomorrow night amber will bring the report to you. sierra peaks buried in snow. big business at ski resorts. the one challenge in playing in all the snow. authorities on the look-out
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for three convictims who brazenly broke out of a southern california jail. former new york city mayor and supporter of greater gun restrictions michael bloom berg could add a wrinkle in the presidential race. he's ceasely considering a white house bid. a powerful el nino is back in the forecast.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ donald trump has a commanding lead in the latest
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poll. he has 34%. cruz was second with 20%. marco rubio has 11% and ben carson has 8% of the gop voters. tonight there's word that yet another candidate could jump into the race as an independent. it's rumored but now there's no -- more merit to the chance that -- that michael bloomberg may run, former new york city mayor. >> reporter: before we go to new hampshire, some potentially big news from new york city. bloomberg is now taking preliminary steps to launching a run for president as an independent. now there's a real -- real possibility it could turn into a race between trump own sanders, that has bloomberg
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reconsidering. that could be a good move for republicans >> i think gun control is not popular. that could split the issue. it's what activated him for the recent election. >> most of the republican conditioned -- candidates are in new hampshire. but cruz and trump are dukeing it out in iowa. trump is still basking in the glow of his endorsement from sarah palin. >> cruz is devastated because he didn't get sarah palin. these politicians are not going to be able to make america great
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again. >> castro is on her short list to be vice president for clinton. hillary clinton leads bernie sanderses -- sand here in california. sanders people are focusing on the iowa caucuses. they are calling people in iowa urging them to cast votes for the vermont senator. >> we've did not -- been doing a lot of out-reach. >> although clinton has the lead for the democrat -- democrats. she's not aware of any phone banking in the area. the group marched and
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chanted their way around lake merit and surrounding neighborhoods. a teenager shoots and kills and heads out to a high school for more killing. thousands of prisoners are free after a recently passed proposition. see who can help them take advantage of a new lease on life. >> rain showers on parts of the bay area. that will leave us with a break. more rain chances over the next few days.
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0 a frantic man hunt is under way in southern california tonight where three inmates escaped from the orange county jail. all three are considered dangerous and committed violent
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crimes. the men escaped some time yesterday by cutting through half impelling thick bars and gaining access to plumbing tunnels and eventually the roof. >> from the roof the inmates repelled off of the roof of the building behind me down to the group. at that -- ground. at that point we believe they fled the area by foot. >> they apparently repelled by tying sheets together. it's the first escape in 20 years. a las vegas authority released information about a shooting on the laying strip t. happened last night in front of the bellagio casino. officers said they opened fire after he refused to surrenderer. one person was taken to the hospital and has since been
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released. that man was arrested. when california passed a proposition last year ex-cons got to reclassify their crimes as misdemeanors. former convicts are educated on how to submit paperwork. drug possession, shoplifting and writing bad checks are some of the crimes that can be reclassified. 100,000 people equal filed to have the classification as felon removed. >> reapplied. when they ran my record they found that i do not have any felonies on my record. i'm very happy about this. >> one of the intended effect of the law was to reduce prison overcrowding. opponent argued it would make crime raptus go up. state wide it has over the past year but there's no way to
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attribute that directly to the passage of prop 47 people say. in canada an investigation is under way for a shooting that happened. the motive is unclear. two men are in custody. >> this is the scene in a remote part of western sand -- canada. police don't know why the 17-year-old unloaded. >> four people are dead as a result of this tragedy. there are other injuries. they are being treated that the time. >> minors crudes of a -- accused of a crime means the names will not be released. >> we have secured the firearm. >> police say two teenage brothers were shot to death -- to death before the gunman went to the high school.
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>> this is every parent's nightmare. community leaders scampsed the community is reeling. our hearts to are going to -- out to the families and the community. >> mass shootings are rare in canada. there's only been three in the past ten years. at many this -- this point the motive is unknown for the shooting on friday. a bay area blood bank is dealing with a shortage of blood. we'll tell you what caused the shortage and why it came at such a crucial time. also, tragedy on a basketball court. hear what a father is saying about the loss of his 12-year-old son.
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0 a south bay soman under waste tonight on suspicion of homicide even though police have not recovered the victim's body. 39-year-old steve lebo was raveed last night. the 28-year-old victim was reported missing from his home under suspicious circumstances. police have reason to belief he was killed. they linked the suspect to the crime but they haven't said how. a bizarre hit-and-run crash that left a teenager dead. a 16-year-old boy jumped out of the car before he was hit and killed by a vehicle. this happened on 680 in san ramon. the teenager was in the car with a -- with another person and for unknown reason jumped out. it's not clear if the war -- car was moving at -- at the time.
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another car drove by hit him and drove off. >> there's vehicle debris from a neuro hyundai. the damage would be to the left front of the vehicle. >> officers tell us that the hyundai is white in color. the police are -- are still trying to find out why the teen jumped out. alcohol does not appear to be a factor. a crash caused a major traffic up near the tunnel. several lanes were closed due to debris. the wreckage was moved to the side of the freeway. just a day after the death of his 12-year-old son a father is sharing his heart brag. he was practicing last night at elk grove middle school.
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he collapsed and stopped breathing. he was not able to be revived. he had a heart murmur and no other problems. he was a straight a student. his real passion was basketball. >> he's a good kid and good at everything he does. but for us we don't really understand the reason why god has taken him so soon. >> an autopsy is planned. the funeral is next saturday. the stanford blood center says it's -- its supply has been depleted by a surge in usage. pediatric aluminum -- leukemia treatments and other treatments
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is have -- have caused that. they are looking for b negative, no -- o negative and other types. today marks the end of an era for the sat exam. a new version debuts in march. the section about obscure vow cab layer words is going away. it's estimated for -- more than 350,000 students took the sat's today. business is booming. the snow is falling. we talked to excited skiers and snow bard -- borders as they make the slow trip to the sierra. as we look at the bay bridge. next with your full forecast.
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0 it was a winter wonder land for skiers and snowboarders today with several inches of fresh snow blanketing the mountains just in time for the fact -- weekend. a foot of fresh powder was seen this morning. getting to the mountains wasn't easy. reporter: steady snowfall in the sierra means slow doing -- going on the interestimate -- interstate. for those looking forward it was worth the wait. >> we're coming from monterey. six hours of driving. >> reporter: and then the car had to go to chain control. >> we never use them.
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this is the first time we're going to put them on. >> it may have been slow on the road. once you hit the slope -- slope, that was another story. that was much different last year, skiers say. >> this year it's great for snowboarding and skiing. >> with a full foot of fresh powder overnight. thousands of skiers and snowboarders are expected this weekend. thinner snow packs. >> we've had more snow this january even -- than the five last years combined. >> it's better for skiing and as -- it's much, much better for falling, some might tell >> you last year i dislocated my shoulder. there was no snow. this year i can fall anywhere. it's a big pillow. it's amazesion. >> -- amazing. >> it's a big pillow making many
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people happy. the light on the western span of the bay bridge are now back on. this after going dark for about four-hours this evening. the outage happened at about 5:30 at a large stretch. that looks so strange without the lights there. it just so happens that a week from tonight a new deck tiff light display on the bridge is scheduled to be unveiled for the super bowl. don't know if that had anything to do with the outage. no word on the cause. >> drum roll, read ready to go. mark tamayo can tell us about the conditions. >> reporter: yeah. drying out a bit. i was at the first down-hill ski resort in california.
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do you know what that is? yosemite. nice little resort in the mountains. very nice up there. and in fact picked up more rain and snow for today. the snow levels have been creep ling -- creeping up over the past few days. we are drying out. some lynn -- lingering snow showers ought -- out toward the sierras. as far as the current numbers, it's kind of cooling off there. 40s in santa rosa and napa. lots of 40s and 50s for the 10:00-hour. look at this beautiful picture. my friend chris sent this to me. it was around 3:00 this afternoon. you can see the north end of ocean beach. we had the clouds clearing out a little bit t. cleared out and
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reformed. it produced some overcast conditions. we're looking out towards oakland. few extra clouds for the morning. upper 30s to the 40s. san francisco 47. san francisco, our sky cast shows you some of the clouds at 7:00 a.m. 12:00 sun cloud mix. 55. partly clouds -- cloudy skies later. 50s. few clouds for tonight. patchy fog regroups. cruising across northern california will produce showers for us. it will move out of town for the next few days. high pressure will rebuild. it will try to push the rain up to the north. on monday there's a chance of a few light showers a few sprinkles. no significant storms to talk about over the next few days.
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tomorrow start out with high clouds. patchy fog as well and by 4:00 partly cloudy skies. weak system moves in monte -- monday. few showers or sprifrpg pals are possible in the north bay monday morning. forecast for tomorrow. lots of 50s out there for afternoon highs. hayward 56. half moon bay in the mid 50s. five-day forecast and no major storms to talk about. these breaks are very important. the problem has been we got the break and it sticks around forever in the past few years. chance for a shower monday. that's about it. >> it's good to have the ground dry out a little bit. tads -- it's pretty saturated. >> also we're talking about rain
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off an on for january. gilroy's and the welter weight chamber -- championship of the world. the arizona wildcats are upset by the cal bears.
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0 good evening everyone. welcome to this saturday night sports wrap. college basketball. heavy weights visited the bay area this weekend. cal, luke walton was there to see his old team arizona with dad broadcasting. wildcats are ranked 12th in the
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country. cartwright with the lob. bears within two at halftime. in the second half the bears led by as many as nine. nice spin move by brown. he went for 15 on the night. by -- but the wildcats battled back to tie. matthews will break that tie with a three. he came off the bench and hit 28 points. and then how about this tough two for matthews. cal led by five with 1:06 to play. the wildcats scored five points before cal knew what happened. bad pass by singer. that resulted in an allen lay up. they are tide at 73. brown hit one of two free throws. the wildcats had this possession for the win. he can't get the smote -- shot
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to fall. matthews pulls the rebound down. the bears hang on for a 74-73 win. bears are 14-6. in a log jam at conference play. portland pilots came to st. mary's tonight. the gales. the three. and narr with a nice feed. the gales roll 89-74. they are 17-2. they continue to hold town -- down first place. could bay area teams make that clean sweep on rec night. leading over arizona state. sliced in for that shot. 73 all. allen g


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